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New Referencing Styles

There are currently 11 referencing styles that users can create their reference lists with.

If there is a particular style that is not on Reference Buddy but that a user would like to use, then the user can email the style guide to referencebud@gmail.com and we'll upload that style onto our database within a week!

Live Referencing (with immediate output as your type)

Reference Buddy


Reference Buddy is a free online reference generating tool that university and high school students can use to create APA, Harvard, Vancouver and other reference lists for their projects. Our goal is to make referencing a much quicker, easier and simpler task.

We've been online since January 2015 (and has officially been established in 2014 by Robin Titus).

Please feel free to make contact on social media for more info or to communicate! Alternatively, you can also send an email to: referencebud@gmail.com


If you experience a problem or have a suggestion, please let us know as this site can easily be edited / fixed.

Click here to DM us on our Facebook page.

Alternatively, you can also send an email to: referencebud@gmail.com


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